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Tiny house models

Stylish, function and ecologically sound, our homes are created with nature and the environment at the forefront of the design process to ensure energy efficiency, ample natural light and ventilation to create comfortable living spaces and minimise environmental impact.

Our range of stylish, functional and eco aware tiny homes is customisable to adapt to your needs. We work with you throughout the process from creative vision to turn key completion. 

We support you to modify specific details like the types of timber used, to the finer finishing details, door handles, paints and timber stains and lighting. 

We endeavour to use Australian sourced ethical and sustainable materials throughout your home. The My Little Big Home team strive to give you a home you love and can thrive in.


Our latest model

The Model T (t for tiny) is our most innovative design yet. We've designed it as an affordable home to build now so you can reach your dream sooner. Our modular designs mean you can add on later and integrate this tiny into your future family home. 

Find out more information on the Model T

Take a virtual walk through

See what our Model T looks like as you take a virtual tour. 

What is a tiny house?

The Tiny House movement is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small functional homes. 


This movement is the new way of building functional, environmentally conscious and economical dwellings, that are meticulously designed to maximise space, function and comfort.

Tiny House living not only offers cost effective living solutions, but also provides an opportunity to create personal and financial freedom.

These homes can be registered as a caravan (and insured as such), so in most cases they can be exempt from local council approval (always check with your local council regulations) saving you time and money.


Although they do not require a DA from council, council can limit the amount of time someone can permanently live in one. Alternatively, Tiny homes can be built onto a foundation, which would require council approval.

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