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Frequently Asked Questions

See how we can help you with your Little Big Home tiny house project.

Where are MYLBH built and can I come to view one? 

We are based in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW.  We have a beautiful demo home that is available for viewing via appointment on our contact page.

What makes MYLBH different?

Each of our evolution series models can be adapted and customisable, built to bring lifestyle and functionality to your little big home.  We use a steel frame patented Spigot joining system - our ‘Super Structure’ to ensure durable adaptability. We focus on sustainable features, and quality materials. Econic offers each client and build process individual attention to detail utilising our team's extensive knowledge on sustainable materials, including solar and passive design & construction. We support your vision from the ground up, starting small, to grow your Little Big Home. 

Can I get insurance for MYLBH? 

​It is up to each client to source their own insurances from providers of their choice. You will need to provide the certifications below to your broker. 

Our structures are BAL 19 Fire rated, and come with an: 

 •    Engineering cert

•    Structural building certificate

•    Plumbing Certificate

•    Electrical certificate

•    Occupation Certificate

What are the three most popular models of MYLBH? 

Base Minimalist, MK1 Skillon or Gable roof, and Parapet. 

Can I custom design the interior and exterior or structure of MYLBH? 

You can make changes to any of our existing design components, by discretion of our draftsman and builder regarding engineering and structural integrity. Major changes and additions to the original quote will be priced accordingly. 

What is the area and dimensions for the smallest MYLBH? 

  • Base Minimalist - 20 m2

  • Base Skillion - 29.7 m2

  • MK1 - 56 m2 

  • Parapet - 41 m2

  • Gable - 56 m2 

What is the cost for a MYLBH?

At the current prices for building materials for January 2022.  All prices are an entry level. Any changes or adaptations to original design will be priced as per application. 

  • Base Minimalist (no mezzanine loft, inc 2 entrances + steps) = $71k

  • Base Minimalist (inc loft, 2 entrances + steps) = $100k

  • MK1 (inc; loft skillion roof, back open deck, front covered verandah, 3 entries with steps) = $140k

  • Gable 1 (inc; loft gabled roof, back open deck, front covered verandah, 3 entries with steps) = $140k

What are your site considerations?

The factors below will depend on individual circumstances etc and you will need to have your site assessed to ensure safety and 

Preliminary site analysis is offered to assess accessibility and suitability. 

  • Access - this will determine what model we can supply, whether we can build on a trailer, on skids, bought in on a truck or constructed on site.

  • Services - overhead power lines to bring structure onsite, services for underground lines/pipes. 

  • Gradient of site - some sites may need excavation. 

  • Vegetation - this can depend on DA's etc and will need to be assessed.

How do we get the ball rolling?

Initial planning meeting is 1 hour and costs $150 to discuss your concepts, practical and comfort needs, and an initial site discussion.  This includes a connect in with our builder & sales team, a detailed walk through our display model and a superfood smoothie! 
Once you have confirmed your model and feature inclusions we take a 50% deposit as per our payment policies  and then we will commence planning and design for your Little Big Home.  

What are the warranties on MYLBH? 

All work done by the Econic team is guaranteed under Tony’s Master Builder Association registration. The structure, fittings and appliances are all given warranties individually as per manufacturers.  These will be outlined on your documentation once design is finalised.

What are your site planning and council approval considerations?

We have a town planner, Shane Silvanspring on our team who will happily consult with you and liaise with the council about your MyLBH site needs. This process will be up to the client to book a consultation session and will incur separate fees at Shane’s discretion.  

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